List of Achievements of Lord Hanuman


Once upon a time in ancient India, there lived a powerful and kind-hearted monkey god named Hanuman. He was very brave and always ready to help those in need. Let’s dive into the amazing adventures of Hanuman, told in a way that even a 10-year-old Indian kid can understand!

1. Hanuman’s Big Jump

Long ago, there was a prince named Rama who had a beautiful wife named Sita. But one day, a mean demon named Ravana took her away to a faraway place called Lanka. Rama was very sad without his wife. Hanuman, with his strong muscles and big heart, decided to help Rama. He jumped over a huge ocean to reach Lanka and find Sita. It was a jump like no other, and everyone cheered for Hanuman’s bravery!

Hanuman’s Song:

“Shri Hanuman Chalisa” is a song that talks about Hanuman’s great leap. It says how brave and powerful he is, always ready to help his friend Rama.

2. Putting Out Fire with His Tail

When Hanuman reached Lanka, he faced many challenges. One day, the mean demons caught his tail and set it on fire. But Hanuman didn’t cry or give up. Instead, he made his tail grow bigger and bigger until it set the whole city on fire! This scared the demons away and saved Hanuman and his friends.

Hanuman’s Song:

“Bajrang Baan” is a song that praises Hanuman’s strength. It tells how he fought the fire with his powerful tail, showing his bravery and cleverness.

3. Bringing Back the Healing Herb

During their adventures, Rama’s brother, Lakshmana, got badly hurt in a battle. The only way to save him was with a special herb found in the Himalayas. Hanuman didn’t waste a moment. He flew to the mountains, found the herb, and brought it back just in time to heal Lakshmana. His quick thinking and kindness saved the day once again!

Hanuman’s Song:

“Hanuman Ashtak” is a song that praises Hanuman’s goodness. It talks about how he helped Lakshmana and how much he cares for his friends.

4. Fighting the Scary Demons

In his journey, Hanuman faced many scary demons sent by Ravana. But with his strong arms and brave heart, he defeated them all! He protected Rama and his friends from danger, showing everyone what a true hero he was.

Hanuman’s Song:

“Hanuman Stavan” is a song that talks about Hanuman’s bravery. It tells stories of his battles with demons and how he always came out victorious.

5. Lifting the Mighty Mountain

Once, there was a mountain with a special herb that could heal anyone. Hanuman lifted the entire mountain on his shoulders and carried it back to save his friends. It was an incredible feat that showed his immense strength and love for others.

Hanuman’s Song:

“Hanuman Bahuk” is a song that celebrates Hanuman’s miracles. It talks about how he lifted the mountain and how his love for Rama makes him do amazing things.

In the end, Hanuman’s stories teach us to be brave, kind, and always ready to help others. He is a hero who will always be remembered for his incredible deeds and unwavering devotion.

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